Who We Are

A recent review described Vegan Fresh as “cozy Mom and Pop”.

Virginia and Grant McAuley, Owners of Vegan Fresh

The “Mom” in our story is Virginia, my wife.  “Mom” is appropriate because Vegan Fresh is indeed her baby.  For the last 18 months her baby has kept her busy day and night.  She is passionate about helping people to improve their health and prevent disease, and she knows that diet plays a huge part.  She is an artist in the kitchen and has a gift for making healthy food taste delicious.  I know because I have been eating her creations for over thirty years.

I guess I am the “Pop” in the story.  The restaurant is not my day job, but I often hold the baby behind the scenes, helping with things like business technology.  I share Mom’s passion for a plant-based diet, but am a clutz in the kitchen and have been chased out by Mom wielding a wooden spoon on several occasions.

Both of us have spent way too much of life in school, and have three undergraduate and three graduate science degrees between us.  This helps us when we think about diet and nutrition, human physiology, environmental issues, etc.  In particular, Virginia adds her passion and knowledge of basic science, dietetics and nutrition, human physiology and disease, to her healthy lifestyle and vegan cooking seminars.  Besides these seminars, she has also taught college classes in physiology and worked as a health educator for a vegetarian food company.

We are planning to share more of the story and vision for Vegan Fresh in future posts, so please stay tuned.

Finally, we are flattered by the “cozy” in the above mentioned review, because we desire Vegan Fresh to be a peaceful and comfortable place to visit, eat, or hangout.  Please come by often!

Introducing the Vegan Fresh Blog

Welcome to the Vegan Fresh Blog!


We are a new fast casual restaurant in Loma Linda that is committed to bringing healthy and delicious plant-based food to our community.

Please stay tuned as we chronicle our new, exciting (and some times exhausting) journey, as well as blog about plant-based nutrition.

Also, please know that your suggestions and feedback are solicited and welcome.  We look forward to journeying together!